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💥 Build a metrics scorecard for executive presentations

💥 Keep your hybrid remote teams delivering

💥 Discover and eliminate bottlenecks

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Delivery metrics for continuous improvement

See your team’s key metrics and see how to help your team improve.

We correlate your Git branches and PRs to your project issues out of the box to give engineering leaders a complete picture for what’s happening on your team. No configuration. No manual steps. 

Then we visualize the data in a way that is optimized for your meeting and helps you make smart decisions in real-time. 

Why Dev execs 💖 LinearB

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What are we working on?

See a breakdown of your work and how your teams are allocated across different projects so you can ensure you're balancing between innovation and technical debt.

When are we delivering?

Get alerted to potential delays and risks to your projects in real-time so you can forecast deadlines more accurately and communicate with your business more confidently.

Where can we improve?

See trends and bottlenecks in your delivery pipeline so you can invest wisely to make your process more efficient and ship more value faster.

Who needs help?

See work in progress, cycle time and other key metrics for all of your teams at a glance and get alerted in Slack when your developers are stuck so you can proactively help them.

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