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Linear B 3 Pillars

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LinearB is a systematic approach to engineering improvement

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We integrate with every level of your organization, from project to deployment.

Leaders get visibility & improved predictability

Align work to business priorities, visualize people effort and communicate delivery dates with confidence on your most important projects.

Managers fix bottlenecks & track team goals

Get observability into your delivery pipeline with DORA metrics, improve quality, uncover shadow work and increase sprint planning accuracy. 

Developers save time and reduce annoying tasks

Optimize non-coding time, eliminate idle time, cut interruptions and get help from remote teammates faster with the WorkerB adaptive bot for devs. 

Measurable business impact after 120 days

*Data collected from 371 LinearB customers between January 2020 and June 2021

Align to the business. Ship features faster. Scale your teams. Make an impact.

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