Fix Your Code Review Process. It’s the Most Wasteful Part of the Development Lifecycle.

Our Engineering Metrics Benchmarks include code review guidelines for review pickup time, review time, and review size. You can set working agreements with your team based on these industry standards using Team Goals. Then let our WorkerB bot keep your team on track automatically.

Join the thousands of teams already using LinearB to standardize their code review process. Start improving your cycle time, code quality, and engineering efficiency today.

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Managers fix code review bottlenecks & track team goals

Set working agreements together with your team for the goals you want to meet, leveraging the team’s leading and lagging indicators.

Fortunately, LinearB isn’t here to just give you metrics; it gives you the tools to take action and improve your code reviews. Teams can set customized goals and use them as a guidepost at every ceremony to ensure alignment and keep everyone on track.

Track Improvement

Developers spend less time on annoying code review tasks and more time creating

Once your plan is in place, it’s time to take action. Developers are the agents of change, and you need to give them a low friction way to execute.

WorkerB is the code review tool for driving improvement across your development teams. This automated bot – designed specifically for developers – alerts teams to events that can negatively impact your code review process, such as long review time and large code reviews.

We integrate with every level of your organization, from project to deployment.