Be a Better Leader

Gain an unprecedented edge with the first-ever workforce analytics platform for software teams.

Understand Your Workforce

Provide yourself with a high-level overview of your team using Linear B’s continuous data-driven insights. Instantly, you can visualize productivity at an organizational and individual contributor level which gives you and your organization an immediate competitive advantage.

Make Your Life Easier

Your job is inherently difficult. Leading a software organization requires fast and quality decision making across multiple disciplines. Get data about your workforce and make your job easier.

Get Your Bearings

Whether you are new to your role or a seasoned veteran, understanding your team and what they need to be successful is invaluable. Linear B’s analysis will help you visualize what is actually happening in your organization in real-time.

Make Better Decisions

Elite leaders and teams use data to make decisions. Once you have objective information, you will never go back to blindly running your organization again. Start making faster, higher-quality choices for your team, today.

Manage Your Workforce

Effectively managing your software development team is fundamental for your success. Linear B provides you with groundbreaking insights that help you perform your common daily, weekly, and monthly tasks in an objective, data-driven way.

Retain Your Best People

The best organizations retain their top performers. See how you compare to the industry elite, and identify your strongest team members to ensure they stay actively engaged.

Identify Your Underperformers

Learn which team members are struggling and the changes you need to implement to help them become stronger contributors.

Hire with a Purpose

Hiring is the most impactful, yet challenging and expensive, responsibility. Linear B exposes the skill types that are needed to balance and improve your team’s productivity.

Improve Your Workforce

Great organizations improve their abilities over time. Linear B helps you appropriately invest your training budget to receive optimal productivity gain and close the feedback loop by reporting continuous validation of your training efforts.

Target Your Training

It is difficult to determine the best use for your training budget when you have broadly defined goals and many investment options. Linear B provides you with the optimal investment strategy for the greatest productivity gain.

Agile Training Analysis

Agile training is expensive and the results are hard to track. Provide your Agile coach with your Linear B data and continuously validate your teams’ improvement in real-time.

Reorg with a Purpose

As your business evolves, restructuring your software teams will become inevitable. Turn this challenge into an advantage with Linear B’s team and individual contributor analysis to gain an improved outcome.

Be an Executive Table Champion

Communicating the status and needs of your software team at the executive table is challenging. Providing visual data to your colleagues will give you, and them, confidence in your decision-making.


Executive-level dashboards allow for easy executive team presentation and comprehension.

Budget and Headcount

The appeal to your CEO/CFO for more employees is challenging. Bring data to the table and increase your ability to receive the headcount and budgeting you need to do your job well.

Benchmark, Trend, Correlate, Predict

How does your team compare to the industry? What correlates to productivity? Where will your team be six months from now? Linear B can help you answer these questions.

How Linear B Works

Simple.  Activate, non-intrusively, and get immediate value.



Connect Linear B to any Git based code repository.


View Results

Receive data-driven insights about your software development workforce.


Improve and Validate

Act upon the insights you have received. Make improvements to your team and validate the impact.

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