Sleuth is cool, but don't settle for just DORA Metrics

LinearB gives you the DORA 4 plus 15 other team-based metrics like planning accuracy and code churn. 

But metrics alone don’t improve dev teams… 

We correlate data from Git, projects, releases, and incidents to highlight your bottlenecks. Then the magic starts… 

Our developer bot, WorkerB, takes action to set team goals and improve your efficiency, quality and planning accuracy with 100 customizable alerts, commands and one-click automations. 

Developers love WorkerB because we automate annoying tasks and help them merge faster. Team leads love LinearB because we drive real improvement. 


WorkerB makes sure things don't fall through the cracks and helps me get my pull requests merged faster. I’m a big fan!

Evette L. Software Engineer at Gigsmart

We have the metrics...
but metrics alone
don't improve
dev teams

Leaders get visibility and questions answered

Align work to business priorities, visualize people effort, and communicate delivery dates with confidence on your most important projects.

Teams get context into process bottlenecks & delivery risks

Get observability into your delivery pipeline with value stream flow metrics, improve quality, and find shadow work and context switching to help your team.

Developers merge faster and reduce cognitive load

Optimize non-coding time, eliminate idle time, cut interruptions and get help from remote teammates faster with the WorkerB adaptive bot for devs. 

We integrate with every level of your organization, from project to deployment.

Achieving your goals

Engineering teams using WorkerB automatically improve code quality and engineering efficiency during every iteration.

Code Quality

Team Goal: Reduce PRs Merged w/o Review

Team Goal: Improve Code Quality

Real time Notifications

Engineering Efficiency

Team Goal: Reduce PR Sizes

Team Goal: Reduce PR Pickup Time

Real time Notifications