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Dev-first project board

We reconstruct your precise project progress based on Git and release activity and automatically update your project status with zero manual intervention from your developers.

High-risk project alerts

Receive alerts in real-time to PRs merged without review, branches with high code churn, PRs with high interaction and projects predicted to fall behind schedule.

Cycle Time dashboard

See how quickly work moves through your development pipeline and visualize specific areas where your team has process bottlenecks so you can continuously improve.

Live Git activity timeline

We chart detailed Git activity for each project issue on a timeline so at a glance you can see which projects are getting attention, which aren't, what's blocked and unplanned shadow work.

Daily stand-up board

See each developer's recent progress, WIP, blocked work and high-risk code and have your most efficient, fact-based stand-up meeting ever (or maybe even skip the meeting all-together).

Team-based, modern metrics

Automate your weekly metrics program and run your best retro meeting ever with our team-based reports including investment profile, deployment frequency, code churn and 15 more.

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Dev leaders from some of the world’s coolest dev teams use LinearB every day to help their teams build and ship faster. 

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