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Engineering Productivity Metrics That Improve Dev Experience

Streamlining your software development pipeline begins with real-time visibility into workflow bottlenecks and best in class developer automation. Teams using LinearB experience:
An avg. 44% decrease in cycle time
Higher merge rates for happier devs
Accurate project forecasting delivery dates
R&D Leaders trust LinearB to improve the ROI of their investments
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The Engineering Leader’s Guide to Building a Metrics Program 

Inside this comprehensive guide, you’ll find:
The philosophy and ingredients of an effective engineering metrics program
An overview of why metrics programs have been difficult to implement in the past
Practical, step-by-step guidance on building an improvement strategy from the ground up
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“I used to wait around a lot during the dev process. Waiting for unit tests to pass, waiting for someone to pick up and approve my PR, waiting for the build to complete so I can cut a release… Since we adopted gitStream and WorkerB, I’m never waiting because I’m notified of all these events - my whole team is and everything moves much quicker now.”
Truong An Thai
Truong-An Thai
VP of Engineering FloSports

Why Engineering Leaders ♥ LinearB

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Engineering Metrics 

Boosting engineering productivity begins with visibility across your tools. You’ll use these metrics to identify workflow bottlenecks, unblock code reviews, and create improvement strategies for your organization.  Your metrics are aggregated from project management to post-delivery incident response, using standard integrations or API for a detailed and customizable view of DevOps workflows.  
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Business Goals & Reporting

Improving engineering efficiency begins with the ability to set and manage teams goals. The team goals dashboard provides a custom view into how each team is performing against their sprint goals.  When teams set goals for pull request size, merges without review, review time and more, they receive notifications in their chat tool when a rule is breached - driving best practice behaviors everyday. 
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Programmable Workflows

Metrics alone don’t improve dev teams. gitStream and WorkerB are automation tools that drive autonomous improvement without manager involvement.  These tools provide real-time notifications and context about your PRs, automating many of the pre-merge manual tasks developers hate. 
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Take a Closer Look at Workflow Automation

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Continuous Merge (CM)

The practice of automating the classification of pull requests in order to optimize the path to merge. The Continuous Merge Guide to Merge Standards covers where CI/CD falls short, the importance of establishing merge standards on your team, and how gitStream can help. 
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2023 Software Engineering Benchmarks Report

The 2023 Software Engineering Benchmarks Report was created from a study of 3,600,000 PRs from 2,800 dev teams across 64 countries. Inside you’ll find:
Tactical advice on how to improve your team’s performance
How elite teams are performing against the four DORA metrics
Data insights broken down by organization, team, size, geography, and industry
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