DORA Metrics

Software Development Metrics with LinearB

From DORA metrics to project forecasting, engineering leaders use LinearB to:
Identify workflow bottlenecks
Set and track quantitative team goals
Standardize business reporting on engineering health  
Engineering leaders trust LinearB to improve their software development metrics
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“Visibility into our engineering metrics has given our business critical telemetry and attribution for our engineering teams. In the past 6 months, we were able to reduce our cycle time from an average of 6 days to 2 days.”
Matt C.
Matt C.
Engineering Chief of Staff

The Engineering Leader’s Guide to Building a Metrics Program 

Inside this comprehensive guide, you’ll find:
The philosophy and ingredients of an effective engineering metrics program
An overview of why metrics programs have been difficult to implement in the past
Practical, step-by-step guidance on building an improvement strategy from the ground up
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Why Engineering Leaders ♥ LinearB

Software Development Metrics

Software Development Metrics

Every engineering metrics program begins with visibility across your tools. You’ll use these metrics to identify workflow bottlenecks, set data-driven team goals, and create improvement strategies for your organization.  Your metrics are aggregated from project management to post-delivery incident response, using standard integrations or API for a detailed and customizable view of DevOps workflows. 
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Resource Allocation

Resource Allocation

Align to business goals and visualize cost and effort with the resource allocation dashboard.  This dashboard automatically configures your projects based on PM data, making visible the full-time employee effort (cost), and delivery status (business impact) into a single view.  This out-of-the-box view also has a flexible, self-service configuration so teams can adapt their unique workflows.
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Business Goals & Reporting 

Improving engineering efficiency begins with the ability to set and manage teams goals. The team goals dashboard provides a custom view into how each team is performing against key software development metrics.  When teams set goals for pull request size, merges without review, review time and more, they receive notifications in their chat tool when a rule is breached - driving best practice behaviors everyday.
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Lead Confidently with a Software Development Metrics Program

Keep Using Your Favorite Tools

Keep Using Your Favorite Tools

LinearB integrates with (and enhances) tools across your entire SDLC, from software development, CI/CD, chat, and issue tracking tools. We’re always adding new tools to our list, contact us for more information.
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Software Engineering Benchmarks Report

2023 Software Engineering Benchmarks Report

The 2023 Software Engineering Benchmarks Report was created from a study of 3,600,000 PRs from 2,800 dev teams across 64 countries. Inside you’ll find:
Tactical advice on how to improve your team’s performance
How elite teams are performing against the four DORA metrics
Data insights broken down by organization, team, size, geography, and industry
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