Correlating Project and Git Data Leads To 44% Decrease In Cycle Time

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Kent Tangen, CTO of Illuminate Education, needed a tool that would visualize his entire delivery pipeline and modernize his engineering organization.  He needed to know where his investments were going. 


By correlating project management and git data, LinearB was able to show Kent a holistic view of his delivery pipeline while also being able to drill down to identify workflow bottlenecks. But it was only after he implemented LinearB’s developer-first Slack integration, WorkerB, that things really started to pick up.

“LinearB gave us new ways of defining success. It opened up new levers that I have as CTO to influence the efficiencies.”

Kent Tangen, CTO at Illuminate Education

In the five months since Illuminate Education implemented automated improvement practices using LinearB’s WorkerB integration they’ve experienced continuous improvement.

"I love that our quality is improving every sprint without manager involvement."

Kent Tangen, CTO at Illuminate Education

Read then entire Illuminate Education story to learn how they used holistic pipeline visibility to continuously improve: 

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