Analytics for Software Development Leaders

Deliver More Value, More Consistently, With Less Effort.

Accelerate Delivery

Improve the effectiveness of your delivery pipeline. Identify bottlenecks, take action, and track improvement.

Performance Visibility

See productivity by team and individual. Measure offshore team performance. Compare new hires to veterans.

Improved Communication

Refine communication at the
executive table. Be data-driven at Board Meetings. Improve 1x1s with team leaders.

Projects and Delivery Pipeline

Measuring your projects and delivery pipeline is the first step towards productivity improvement. Instantly gain visibility, benchmark against the industry, and streamline the output of your organization.


Get data-backed visibility into the
effectiveness of your projects and pipeline. View industry benchmarks, insights, and trends.

Identify Bottlenecks

Find out what is slowing your organization down, and identify where you can increase productivity.

Take Action

Data-driven insights on how to unlock improvement centers.

Track and Communicate

Track improvement each iteration, and use reporting to communicate with your peers.

Teams and People

Your teams and people are your highest leverage assets! Measure what you care about most, and improve the effectiveness of each team.

Team Performance

Understand the performance and productivity of each team.

Individual Contribution

Understand the impact and contribution of each individual team member.

Compare Offshore Teams

See how your onsite teams compare to your offshore teams.

Communicate Effectively

Improve 1x1s with your team leaders and use data to determine improvement areas.

Linear B’s Metrics

At Linear B, our metrics and insights are continuously getting better. Every time we analyze a new environment, our intelligence engine improves!

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Hear From Our Customers

The best leaders use data to make their organization successful.

Ari Leeds

 CTO at Best Practice Energy

“I love these insights! It is like I have been at the helm of a huge, expensive ship with blinders on. Now, using Linear B, I have the visibility I need and can visualize where I am steering my organization.”

Nadav Lev

VP R&D at Axonius

“Our software development team is elite, and I believe in using data to make us even better. My favorite Linear B insight is the productivity trend. Reviewing our productivity data is how I want to start work every day.”

Dimitri Ponomareff

CEO at Kanban Zone

“Thanks to Linear B we can see that using the Kanban workflow has a clear impact on the quality of our code. The social insights, scores and badges are helpful for our team’s continuous improvement.”

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