Metrics That Matter for Software Engineering Leaders

See. Track. Improve.

Gain visibility into your organization’s performance.
Discover key metrics that drive continuous improvement.

Gain visibility into your organization’s performance. Discover key metrics that drive continuous improvement.


Deliver More with the Right Metrics

LinearB is the industry’s first platform to unify project management data with git analytics to give Engineering Leaders the insights they need to increase velocity, reduce rework, scale intelligently, and keep their teams happy.

VP of Engineering

Detect and release bottlenecks in your delivery pipeline. Understand your investment profile and discover what holds your teams back. Report success with industry-standard metrics like ‘lead time’ and ‘deploy frequency’ so you can scale your team and deliver more value.

Team Leader

Control your iteration. Get alerts for long living pull requests and track lightning PRs. Help make your team happy and successful. Stay on track and minimize context switches.


Arm your organization with an improvement platform. Stay ahead of the curve to realize new levels of performance and outperform your peers.


Better understand what is happening in your development organization. Identify trends that showcase performance. Help guide your executive team on priorities that will deliver customer value and drive revenue growth.

Engineering Operational Excellence

Delivery Pipeline

Delivery matters! An end to end view of your pipeline with metrics like time to merge, time to deploy, deploy frequency, and cycle time uncovers bottlenecks and accelerates your delivery rate.

Investment Profile

Are your teams working on bugs or new value? LinearB is the first platform to combine git and project insights to provide unprecedented visibility, even if your record tracking isn't pristine.


See what holds your teams back. Understand where you suffer from high code churn and large amounts of rework. Use metrics and set goals to adopt a continuous refactoring culture and shorten lead times for changes.


Control and predictably complete your iteration commitments. Reduce story churn, get alerted on stuck PRs, and get an automated data-driven retrospective report delivered right to your inbox.


Happy and engaged teams deliver more. Efficient teams avoid burnout. Empower your teams with access to the metrics they need to operate successfully and autonomously.

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