Software Development Productivity Analytics

Make data-driven decisions based on objective people metrics.

Evaluate Your Organization

Visualize and understand your engineering workforce through simplified, data-backed technical and social productivity metrics.

Gain Insights

See how your people are impacting your codebase, which team members are the highest contributors to your success, and if you have any detracting behaviors.

Improve Your Productivity

Incorporate recommendations that can optimize productivity to adapt your workforce, focus your training, and make decisions with context and purpose.

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Hear From Our Customers

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Ari Leeds

 CTO at Best Practice Energy

“I love these insights! It’s like I’ve been at the helm of a huge, expensive ship with blinders on.  Now, using Linear B, I have visibility and can see where I’m steering my organization.”

Nadav Lev

VP R&D at Axonius

“Our software development team is elite, and I believe in using data to make us even better. My favorite Linear B insight is the productivity trend. Reviewing our productivity data is how I want to start work every day.”

Dimitri Ponomareff

CEO at Kanban Zone

“Thanks to Linear B we can see that using the Kanban workflow has a clear impact on the quality of our code. The social insights, scores and badges are helpful for our team’s continuous improvement.”

More About Linear B

Here are a few areas where Linear B excels.

People First

We believe your people are your highest leverage point. They create your codebase, culture, and product . We focus on people first in order to maximize productivity.

Action Focus

Insights are amazing, but action based on insights is valuable. We provide priority-ranked improvement recommendations that are customized to your org’s behavioral patterns.

Metrics for the Science

We use programming language specific analysis to provide metrics on Quality, Security, Performance, Usability, and Complexity.  We also analyze your Open Source usage.


See where you rank within the industry! We have analyzed thousands of repos to provide comparison data for your organization and people.

Metrics for the Art

We use language and interaction analysis to provide metrics on Code Churn, Commit Cadence, Team Impact, Motivation and Engagement.


Security is in our DNA (see the About Us page)! We build on a SOC2 compliant infrastructure. We use ML-DL-AI to continuously hone our productivity metrics.

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