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Data from your teams, tools, and workflows exists in siloes. You’re experiencing massive change and you don’t have the visibility you need to quantify the impact. Project delivery doesn’t feel stable and you’re being asked to increase developer output.
“By 2027, the use of software engineering intelligence platforms by software engineering organizations to increase developer productivity will rise to 50%.”
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Market Guide to Software Engineering Intelligence Platforms.

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"LinearB provides the core of our engineering productivity metrics for our entire organization. Equally critical to our business, LinearB provides estimation and attribution of developer efforts, allowing us to report on and manage development costs." Logo

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Our platform was built for self-service flexibility. That means you don’t have to change your ways of working, methodology or tools in order to gain insights.
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LinearB has been a game-changer for our team. It's like a superhero tool for software development. It helps us work smarter, not harder. If you're serious about nailing your projects and making your team happier, give LinearB a shot.”
Leif Åsmund M.
VP of Engineering,
Seven Peaks Software

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