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/ˈlɪn iər bi/ – software.

  1. App that correlates signals from code, Git, projects and releases to automate daily improvement from developer to CTO.
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We have the metrics...
But metrics alone
don't improve
Dev Teams

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LinearB is a systematic approach to engineering improvement

Leaders get visibility and questions answered

Align work to business priorities, communicate delivery dates with confidence, and reduce unplanned work on your most important projects.

Teams get context into process bottlenecks & delivery risks

Get observability into your delivery pipeline with DORA metrics, improve quality and find shadow work and context switching to help your team.

Achieve sustainable change from the bottom-up

Don’t just find bottlenecks. The WorkerB adaptive bot automates improvement in the areas you care about and saves devs 50 minutes every day.

Show business impact after only 120 days

*Data collected from 371 LinearB customers between January 2020 and June 2021

LinearB is not for everyone
We’re building the most helpful tool for dev teams we possibly can. But nobody’s perfect and our product is not for every team.

Unicorns fly with LinearB

“Streamlining our data with LinearB and taking a data-driven approach has been a natural step in our scale-up journey. Both to scale our organization as well as to scale ourselves as engineering managers.”

Amir Hozez, VP of R&D at Intsights

Align to the business. Ship features faster. Scale your teams. Make an impact.

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