Optimize R&D Spend to Meet Business Goals

Show where engineering is investing its resources and help stakeholders see what that means for the rest of the business–using flexible data everyone understands. LinearB automatically configures resource allocation data and makes it easy to see:
FTE effort by project, initiative, team, or any custom field
How resourcing decisions will impact project delivery
The impact of programmable workflows and automation
Actual spend against engineering budget

We correlate data across your tools to identify bottlenecks and automate developer workflow optimization.

Two Equally Important, Very Challenging Responsibilities

Engineering leaders have a lot on their plates. One of the biggest “servings” is prioritizing and investing in projects that will delight customers and help drive business impact. But this is often easier said than done. The reality is that many engineering leaders (and the teams they lead) don’t have a way to connect R&D project investment to costs, business priorities, and ROI–not to mention how these things will affect project delivery predictability

Balancing Engineering and Business Needs

Translate engineering health to business impact with Resource Allocation reporting. This rich information–combined with Project Delivery data – gives leaders the tools they need to showcase how engineering investments impact delivery timelines, the real cost of unplanned work, and projected ROI of engineering efforts.
See resourcing for active projects, epics, initiatives, or custom fields
Determine FTE effort being spent on these investment areas
Look at what dev time and effort translates to in actual costs
Improve with playbooks, guides, and presentation templates 
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LinearB Helps You Live in Both Worlds

Show Your Impact
Decide with Data
Cut Across Views
Connect your projects’ resource allocation to delivery performance and business goals so everyone–from sales to marketing to the C-suite–can see and understand engineering’s impact. LinearB makes it easy to show:
Justification for resourcing decisions
How programmable workflows are saving time and resources
The business case for additional engineering headcount
The effect of unplanned, “must do” work on delivery predictability

After adopting LinearB, conversations started happening that weren’t before. My team leaders started coming to me and saying things like, our pull request reviews are taking too long, how can we reduce that? They were self-organizing, focused on improving themselves.”

Kent Tangen

Kent Tangen



Illuminate Education

The Power of Combining Engineering and Business Metrics


Become a Business-Minded Engineering Leader

Integrate Your Issue Tracking and Project Management Tools
Connect PM tools to LinearB and see your boards, epics, labels, initiatives, and other custom data in one place. Then look at where you’re putting your dev resources and what you can optimize with automation.
Translate Engineering Project Effort into Money Spent
See where your resources are being spent then input the average salary of your team members and get an accurate picture of what each of your projects, initiatives, and epics actually cost.
Make Adjustments and Recommendations Based on Empirical Data
Negotiate priorities, showcase engineering’s impact in business terms, and offer data-backed suggestions on how to scale efficiency and where compromises are possible.
Learn how LinearB metrics can help you improve work breakdown and reduce cycle time, change failure rate, and mean time to restore.
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Explore the details of software delivery excellence, PR workflows, and how to persuade the boardroom as an engineering leader.
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