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Startups, scaleups, and unicorns use LinearB to find bottlenecks, improve the developer experience, scale teams, and streamline code delivery.
Empowering Developers with LinearB
“LinearB helps us smooth out our efforts... so we’re not scrambling at the end of the month.”
Daniel Marashlian | CTO of Drata
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Data Insights + Workflow Automation = Happy and Productive Teams

Drata Uses LinearB To Help Teams Become More Proactive

“Engineering managers can use LinearB to course correct as we're going to continue the extreme pace of velocity that we're on.” Daniel Marashlian, CTO & Co-Founder of Drata Learn how the Drata team:
Got real ROI almost immediately after implementing LinearB
Uses WorkerB to improve the team from the bottom-up
Made engineering more predicatable and smooth
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Unbabel Increases Deployment Frequency by 110%

“LinearB makes you feel more confident. It lets me know that our foundation is good and that we’re improving everyday.” Jon Sowler, VP of Eng. at Unbabel In this case study you’ll learn how the Unbabel Team:
Uses WorkerB to improve at the team level
Keeps their developers focused on best practices
Takes a democratic approach to LinearB implementation
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Reprise Makes Their Core Tools and Ceremonies More Valuable With LinearB

“With Reprise being fully remote, being able to see at a quick glance how effective engineers are, what they’re working on, or how much work they’re getting done in a two-week sprint is super helpful.” Jennie MacDougall, Dir. of Eng. at Reprise Learn how the Reprise team:
Makes the daily more useful and effective with a remote team
Uses team cycle time data for resource allocation decisions
Automates annoying tasks to free up the team to focus on critical work
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Before LinearB, the sprint was just a backlog of tasks moving between iterations.
Iris Gilboa
Sr. Tech program Manager | BigID

Hippo Quantifies What Is Needed To Build Stronger Teams

“I use LinearB data in a variety of is to figure out how to form teams. When I find high-performing teams, I share their methods with other teams. You can really see that show through in the metrics.” Mike Gordon, VP of Eng. at Hippo See how the Hippo team uses LinearB to:
Identify high-performing teams (and behaviors) to model
Plan team sprints more accurately and efficiently and improve the whole org
Make proactive resourcing and delivery timeline decisions when a project is at risk
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The Nimble Engineering Playbook

“I was looking for ways to do more with the same team. The LinearB automation and project dashboards has helped us do that.” Oliver Robert, CTO at Nimble See how Nimble trains their Team Leads to use analytics with this step by step guide.
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Lessen Uses Data, Expertise, and Best Practices To Find the Right Path

“LinearB metrics give us confidence in where we're headed, how efficient the team is operating, and if we’re responding to issues & errors.” Chris Bee, CTO at Lessen Learn more about Lessen and how they use LinearB to:
Create a culture of accountability and responsibility with tangible goals
Bake structure and consistency into their growth plans
Align to DORA when measuring team health
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How Teams Improve With LinearB

Find your focus
LinearB customers begin their improvement journey by identifying where they should focus their effort.
Engineering Impact Metrics
Predictable Project Delivery
Resource Allocation and Business Alignment
Workflow Automation / Programmable Workflows
Follow the recipe
LinearB customers begin their improvement journey by identifying where they should focus their effort.
Benchmark your metrics
Identify focus areas
Diagnose root cause
Set team goals
Automate Improvement

Illuminate Education Decreases Cycle Time by 44%

“I love that WorkerB helps our developers improve our delivery process every sprint without manager involvement.” CTO at Illuminate Education In this case study you’ll see how the Illuminate Education Team:
Defines what success meant to their organization
Understands where they were making investments
Marries Project and Git data for a new perspective
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Hear From Our Customers

Our amazing community of engineering leaders love talking about data.
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Chris Brookins | VP of Engineering
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Onboarding With LinearB

The Success 120 Program
The Success 120 Program ensures that we create a culture of continuous improvement from the very beginning. In the first 120 days with LinearB your teams will enjoy a series of data insight discussions and best practice trainings for each level of your organization.