LinearB Tool Integrations

LinearB connects with (and enhances) tools across your entire SDLC, from software development, CI/CD, chat, and issue tracking tools. We're always adding new tools to our list, contact us for more information.
Connect LinearB and get metrics including DORA fast
Correlate data from multiple sources and silos in a single view
Contextualize metrics and see how to improve as a team
Create better processes and build awesome software

Project Management & Issue Tracking

Jira Logo


See patterns, trends, and bottlenecks in your velocity, quality, resource allocation, and delivery data from a single dashboard that cuts across teams, issue types, boards, projects, and epics.
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Shortcut Logo


Correlate all of your Shortcut project and issue management data in a single location in minutes using the Shortcut API and deep dive into the engineering metrics that matter most.
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SonarCloud’s automated Clean as you CodeTM methodology helps you find and fix bugs automatically, while LinearB and gitStream ensure you have visibility into the workflow and PRs get merged smoothly.
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Azure Boards Logo

Azure Boards

Love Microsoft? So do we. LinearB provides holistic, flexible visibility into Azure Boards projects, incidents, areas, and custom metrics to help engineering organizations deliver operational excellence and business outcomes.
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DevOps and Source Code Management

GitHub Logo


Connect GitHub to see metrics like cycle time breakdown, PR size, CFR, and other development KPIs. LinearB aggregates this data–along with projects–to give you a complete view of engineering health.
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GitLab Logo


Connect GitLab to get your development KPIs in a single location that cuts across repos, teams, and contributors. See your cycle time, PR sizes, CFR, and how they compare to the industry in LinearB.
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BitBucket Logo


Connect Bitbucket cloud or on-prem to see your git data correlated with project data in a single location. You can then use this insight to find operational bottlenecks, set improvement OKRs, and keep your teams aligned.
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Azure Repos Logo

Azure Repos

Leverage your Microsoft investments to get all of the engineering intelligence you want. You can easily integrate Azure Repos–part of Azure DevOps–with LinearB to see your development KPIs in one location. 
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Continuous Delivery (CI/CD)

Jenkins Logo


LinearB doesn’t stop measuring performance once you're done coding or that PR has been reviewed. See merge and deployment bottlenecks–like high CFR or low deployment frequency–with a flexible, seamless Jenkins integration API.
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Circle CI Logo

Circle CI

Use LinearB’s powerful release detection APIs and flexible detection methods to see how your engineering teams using CircleCI are performing during the merge and release process with metrics like deploy frequency and CFR.
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Swimm Logo


Swimm makes documentation less painful. With LinearB and gitStream, teams become more efficient via documentation automation at the PR level–including instantly validating docs changes as code changes and auto-approving doc change PRs.
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Jit Logo


Jit simplifies security with declarative approach and familiar UX, integrating security into dev processes. LinearB and gitStream automate security checks at the PR level––streamlining the merge process with visibility and context.
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Chat and Communication

Slack Logo


With LinearB’s automated chatbot and workflow automations you can reduce developer toil, help your team prioritize tasks, and streamline dev processes. LinearB’s Slack integration makes teams more productive and drives improvement.
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Microsoft Teams Logo

Microsoft Teams

Fans of the Microsoft ecosystem rejoice! The MS Teams integration simplifies team collaboration on PR reviews and helps individuals keep their priorities, dependencies, and PR statuses (like CI passes/failures) top of mind.
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