GitHub & LinearB Integration

Get clear, actionable GitHub insights that connect the dots from diffs, commits and merges to more predictable software delivery and profitable engineering.
Engineering Metrics Dashboard Overview
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See between the lines of your GitHub Metrics

Charts showing CFR, Deploy Frequency, MTTR, Cycle Time

Translate GitHub data into business outcomes

Tie developer activity, like GitHub pull requests, to project delivery forecasts and business impact. This correlated, contextualized visibility bridges the Jira - GitHub divide and helps you identify delivery risk, optimize project investments, and allocate resources more effectively.
Average Code changes per PR

Data-driven goal setting

Use git activity metrics, code insights, and associated engineering benchmarks to identify inefficiencies, surface delivery risk, and set team improvement goals.
SEI Automations: Actions over time

Automate efficiency improvement

Adopt workflow automation that increases merge frequency, accelerates developer productivity, and enhances the developer experience. This curated collection of automations includes workflows for streamlining code reviews, reducing developer toil, and increasing time in a flow state. Then you can measure the impact they have on your organization.
Generative AI Dashboard

Data flexibility that meets your unique needs

Slice and segment Bitbucket data in whatever way meets your needs:
  • Automatically build teams in minutes using your GitHub data 
  • Customize release detection approach using tags and APIs
  • Choose the metrics calculation method that aligns to your organization

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