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The GitHub Metrics You've Always Wanted

Engineering leaders need holistic visibility into their organization’s health–unfortunately GitHub dashboards lack necessary insight. With LinearB you can:
Connect the dots from GitHub pull requests to business impact
Bridge the Jira / GitHub gap by correlating multiple data sources
Go beyond diffs, commits, merges, and deployments with project forecasting and resource allocation metrics  
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Unify Data, Improve Workflows and Drive Business Impact

Correlate Data
Improve Reporting
Automate Workflows
Work Your Way
Even though GitHub data is generally more accurate than data from project management services—like Jira—it still only tells half of the story. With LinearB engineering leaders can:
See the bigger picture by unifying multiple data sources
Define “good” and set team goals with Metrics Benchmarks
Confidently report on project progress and forecast delivery
Tie engineering metrics to business outcomes like cost
Correlate Data

Go Beyond Commits, Merges, or Opened PRs

Connect GitHub On-Prem or In the Cloud
Use our step-by-step connection guide to quickly sync and backfill your GitHub data into LinearB. The process is simple and straightforward. We’re also here to help if you need it!
Take a Deep Dive into DORA Metrics
Get a deeper understanding of metrics like cycle time than the control chart can provide. With LinearB, one click shows you cycle time phases (and other metrics like PR size) so you can find and fix bottlenecks fast.
Gain Insight and Drive Improvement Efforts
Discover that PRs are too big (>200 diffs)? Is your cycle time creeping up above 4 days? Set goals with this data and keep your team aligned with automated alerts to drive improvement.

Discover True Visibility

See more than GitHub control chart alone with LinearB

Move Past Basic GitHub Metrics with LinearB

“I used to wait around a lot during the dev process. Waiting for unit tests to pass, waiting for someone to pick up and approve my PR, waiting for the build to complete so I can cut a release… Since we adopted gitStream and WorkerB, I’m never waiting because I’m notified of all these events - my whole team is and everything moves much quicker now.”
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Truong-An Thai
VP of Engineering

The Engineering Leader’s Guide to Building a Metrics Program 

Inside this comprehensive guide, you’ll find:
The philosophy and ingredients of an effective engineering metrics program
An overview of why metrics programs have been difficult to implement in the past
Practical, step-by-step guidance on building an improvement strategy from the ground up
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