A Bitbucket dashboard that shows you how to improve

Forge a Bitbucket dashboard that shows you how to improve developer productivity and engineering business impact.
Allocation Over Time, Planning and Capacity accuracy, Insights.
Empowering the world’s most innovative engineering leaders

Uplevel your Bitbucket metrics

Investment Profile, New Value, Accuracy Scores over time

Translate Bitbucket analytics to bottom-line impact

Tie developer activity, like Bitbucket pull requests, to predictable software delivery and overall investment strategy. This correlated, contextualized view of engineering health helps you to identify and mitigate delivery risk, forecast more accurately, and allocate resources more effectively.
Average Code changes per PR

Set goals based on data

What does good look like? Answer this question with data. Leverage git activity from your Bitbucket dashboard, leading code quality indicators, automatically generated insights, and per-metric engineering benchmarks to identify inefficiencies, flag delivery risks, and set team improvement goals.
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Accelerate efficiency with automation

Take action against identified bottlenecks with bot assistants that meet developers where they collaborate and a curated collection of highly customizable automation workflows. These tools streamline code reviews, reduce developer toil, keep team improvement goals top-of-mind, and enable more focus on high-priority work–all of which can be measured and tied to business
Dashboard showing engineering metrics

Flexible, detailed Bitbucket reporting

Slice and segment Bitbucket data in whatever way meets your needs:
  • Customize release detection approach using tags and APIs
  • Choose the metrics calculation method that aligns with your organization
  • Present metrics for teams, repositories, projects, services, custom fields, and more

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