Translate Engineering Health to Business Impact

Software development is a key driver of business success. Engineering leaders need to show how teams are moving the business forward–using terms other than “more story points.” With LinearB you can:
Control spending with Resource Allocation
Reduce delay risks with Predictable Project Delivery
Automate reporting on capitalizable projects for finance
Build a connection between engineering output and ROI
Flat Budgets. More Demands. Tough Calls.
Leaders know how to solve complex problems–and software development has no shortage of those. Engineering leaders face many challenges: competition, shrinking budgets, rising costs, and a lot of inefficiency baked into the SDLC. And “standard tools” lack meaningful visibility into or ways to improve team (and business) health–which just compounds these problems.
Prove Engineering ROI with Data-Backed Insights
Make the tough calls (correctly) with engineering metrics that translate to business impact. LinearB gives leaders the insight they need to scale efficiency (and revenue), prioritize projects correctly, rationalize investments, reduce costs, and answer “When will feature X be ready?” or “Can we get it faster?” before they ask.
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Transform Engineering from Cost Center to Revenue Driver

Engineering ROI
Cost Control
Impact Metrics
Bottom line: Engineering health is business health. When you improve key engineering metrics it has a direct impact on the business. A tool that helps your engineering practice improve is no longer a nice-to-have. LinearB helps you improve by:
Benchmarking your team with metrics that matter in minutes with more context and meaning
Identifying inefficiencies and improvement opportunities including over-or-under resourced projects
Automating improvement with tools like data-backed goals and one-click workflows to drive better outcomes in engineering

"A great tool to focus your dev team in to what really matters"

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Angel Blanco

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