Key Engineering Investments
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CTO Board Deck Template

Business leaders want to know that engineering is:
  • Driving business results
  • Focusing on the right projects
  • Delivering on time
Download this deck template to streamline your engineering health update.

The Engineering Metrics Leaders Want

Jira Burndown Chart

Structuring Your Board Deck

Engineering leaders should focus on addressing both sides of their dual mandate during executive and board meetings: Operational Excellence & Business Outcomes.
The CTO Board Deck provides templates that help guide you through the KPIs and project updates business stakeholders are most interested in.
Engineering Health Overview

Engineering Health Overview

Starting with hard data like these engineering health metrics paints a picture of your team’s overall efficiency and bubbles up insights like
How long any given piece of work takes to complete
Your teams’ ability to execute on priorities 
Whether your developers are able to focus on what they enjoy doing
When presenting this information, make sure to include any quarterly goals you’ve set and how your teams’ performance measures up.
Engineering Investment

Engineering Investment & Resource Allocation

This is the part of your board presentation that will likely resonate most with business leaders. You’ll include the quarter’s key initiatives and projects and present your recommendations for what to do in the upcoming quarter.
This is where you’ll share data–as well as your thoughts–on these projects in terms of:
Business impact & resource allocation
Benchmarked execution and efficiency metrics
Your prescribed guidance on how to move forward with these projects
Engineering Health

KPIs and Efficiency Metrics Deep Dive

Now that you’ve covered overall engineering health and resourcing, it’s time to cover core engineering metrics. This includes stability and delivery metrics (think DORA) and overall quality in execution.
You’ll want to include overall trends from this quarter, improvements from previous quarters, and predictions for the future.

Workshop: Winning over the board

One of the most difficult parts of engineering leadership is reporting the progress and health of your organization in an impactful way.
In this on-demand presentation, LinearB CEO Ori Keren and CTO Yishai Beeri walk you through the CTO slide templates we’ve just covered
Use the tips and practical advice in this presentation to prepare for your next exec check-in and get more sleep!
Developer Experience Trend

Preparing with additional data

We recommend including a series of index slides that help you answer any anticipated questions.
A great example would be to prepare a deeper dive into topics like Developer Experience or Cost Savings through new automation trends.
Be sure to check out the CTO Board Slides index section for more inspiration on what to include!