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Best Practices

Streamline Your
PR Review Process

The most common pipeline bottleneck is the PR review process. Using automation to standardize and streamline your process will improve your team’s cycle time while also alleviating developer frustration. To accomplish this, we provide teams with two tools:

gitStream is a workflow automation tool that sends pull requests down unique review paths based on code-as-policy. In the example, you’ll see gitStream requiring a team lead to review.
Read more about gitStream >>

WorkerB is a chat bot that automates many of the manual tasks developers are required to take in order to get a pull request reviewed. In the example to the right, you’ll see WorkerB automatically notifying the team lead they have been assigned a new PR to review.

LinearB gitStream streamlines your PR Review process
LinearB gitStream automate manual tasks

Automate Manual Tasks

Developers are inundated with small tasks that increase context switching. Enable your developers to focus on the code instead of the logistics required to get code merged with tools that automate away manual tasks.

How are we saving your developers time? Your teams can now:

  • Approve small PRs inside their chat software
  • Find reviewers for unassigned pull requests
  • Create Jira tickets for undocumented pull requests
  • Eliminate PR status updates between team members

Standardize Best Practices

Developers just want to code. We get that. We also get that remembering every deprecated API or to open a Jira ticket before fixing a bug can be a challenge.

Our developer workflow tools drive compliance and best practice behavior through the use of team notifications (WorkerB) and change requests (gitStream). Instead of wasting developer focus on non-coding tasks, let LinearB workflow automation improve your developer experience.
LinearB gitStream and WorkerB best practices
CM | CI | CD

Continuous Merge

Continuous merge (CM) is the practice of automating the classification of pull requests in order to optimize the path to merge.

A Closer Look at WorkerB

WorkerB Case Study: Unbabel

“WorkerB helps engineers focus on the right things. Software development is a process, you can’t just do the coding. You’ve got to balance coding with reviewing, and WorkerB reminds them to stop working on the new thing and go review some code.

High performance teams need a psychologically safe environment. They don’t gel if someone is getting a whack on the knuckles every time they forget a Pull Request review.

WorkerB helps manage our Pull Request process with simple alerts. It’s just a nice way of doing it.”
VP EngineeringUnbabel logo
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Real-Time Events
Automate Efficiency

WorkerB reduces the idle time between pull request hand-offs by automatically updating stakeholders when progress has been made.

In a study of 733k pull requests, we found that 50% of pull requests sit idle for 50.4% of their lifespan. Idle pull requests are the most common cycle time bottleneck, making WorkerB your greatest advantage for getting code delivered faster.
LinearB WorkerB automate efficiency
LinearB WorkerB team goals drive continuous improvement

Team Goals Drive
Continuous Improvement

WorkerB drives a continuous improvement mindset using team channel goal notifications. Once teams decide on sprint improvement goals, WorkerB will send updates when a specific pull request has breached the agreed parameters. Some of our favorite team goals include:

  • Pull Request Size
  • PRs Merged without Review
  • Pull Request Life Cycle Length
  • High Risk Work (based on rework rate)

Curious about the relationship
between idle time and PRs?

Dive into gitStream

Every Pull Request Is Different

Classify your pull requests based on their context and define a unique path to merge using gitStream’s .cm files. Instead of a single review path for every PR, gitStream lets you set policy-as-code that improves the speed and quality of every PR review.

gitStream is a free, self-service developer tool that reduces your team’s cognitive load and speeds up time to value by helping developers focus on the PRs that matter most. Discover gitStream >>
LinearB gitStream pull request
LinearB gitStream pull request context

Empower Developers with
PR Context

Pull requests are a black box for the reviewer.
What ticket is this for? How long is this going to take?

gitStream adds context to your PRs with labels and comments. This added context empowers your developers to make the best decisions about how and when to work.

Automate Change Request & PR Approvals to Save Time

Speed up time to merge by applying an auto-approve check on pull requests with simple changes like minor version updates of internal libraries.

Change Requests
Automate change requests based on org. level coding practices like moving away from deprecated services.

Business Alignment

Executive reports connecting your initiatives to business goals

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