Scale Developer Efficiency with Programmable Workflows

Create a paved path for your developers with workflow automation to help your team:
Decrease cycle time by 44%
Create a high efficiency merge process
Standardize merge policies across your org

We correlate data across your tools to identify bottlenecks and automate developer workflow optimization.

PR Reviews Are the Most Painful Part of the SDLC

80% of engineering leaders agree that the review process is the most painful part of their development workflow. 
There are two types of PR review methods today, and both lean extreme:
  • Slow and cumbersome – 2 reviewers required for all PRs
  • Fast and unresponsive – trunk-based development without any code review

Eliminate a One-Size-Fits-All Approach to Code Reviews with Workflow Automation

To help teams mitigate bottlenecks in the review process and create a continuous merge workflow, we provide them with two tools: 
gitStream is a workflow automation tool that applies policy rules to your repos that classify and route your PRs
WorkerB is a chatbot that provides real-time notification and context about your PRs, automating many of the pre-merge manual tasks developers hate.
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Use Programmable Workflows to Build a Paved Path to Developer Productivity

Higher Quality
Less Idle Time
Policy as Code
Goal Setting
When it comes to high-risk code, it’s imperative that changes are thoroughly reviewed by the most qualified person. 
To enforce higher code quality, teams can use gitStream and workerB in tandem to: 
Ensure the best reviewer for sensitive code 
Flag PRs merged without review
Require 2+ approvals for complex PRs

“I used to wait around a lot during the dev process. Waiting for unit tests to pass, waiting for someone to pick up and approve my PR, waiting for the build to complete so I can cut a release… Since we adopted gitStream and WorkerB, I’m never waiting because I’m notified of all these events - my whole team is and everything moves much quicker now.”

Truong-An Thai

Truong-An Thai

VP of Engineering



A Closer Look at WorkerB and gitStream


WorkerB Case Study: Unbabel

“WorkerB helps engineers focus on the right things. Software development is a process, you can’t just do the coding. You’ve got to balance coding with reviewing, and WorkerB reminds them to stop working on the new thing and go review some code. 
High performance teams need a psychologically safe environment. They don’t gel if someone is getting a whack on the knuckles every time they forget a Pull Request Review. 
WorkerB helps manage our Pull Request process with simple alerts. It’s just a nice way of doing it.”
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