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Pull Request Automation for Platform Engineers

Unblock Code Reviews

gitStream is a free workflow automation tool that uses YAML to standardize merge practices via policy-as-code and reduce bottlenecks in the code review process, enabling you to: 
Boost dev efficiency while decreasing cycle time by 61%
Enforce higher code quality and adherence to SOC2 Compliance
Alleviate developer toil, while facilitating a culture of Continuous Improvement

gitStream Improvement by the Numbers

Dev Hours Saved
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Hear From Our Customers

"Just wanted to say how amazing gitStream is! We've been using it for about 2 weeks now, and even just the basic features are saving us a lot of time and making our jobs so much easier!"
David Johnson
David Johnson
Head of Engineering
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Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

Average 120 day improvement on repos with gitStream:
Decrease in Cycle Time
Decrease in Pickup Time
Decrease in Review Time
Decrease in PR Size

Why Dev Teams ♥ gitStream


A Closer Look at the gitStream UI

Visualize the ROI of workflow automation
Programmable Workflows

A Closer Look at the gitStream UI

Visualize the ROI of workflow automation
GitStream Screen
Total ROI
See exactly how many hours (or days) your team has saved by implementing workflow automation.
Continuous Merge Comparison

Continuous Merge (CM):

The practice of automating the classification of pull requests in order to optimize the path to merge. The Continuous Merge Guide to Merge Standards covers where CI/CD falls short, the importance of establishing merge standards on your team, and how gitStream can help. 
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Integrates Seamlessly With Your Tech Stack

gitStream connects with (and enhances) tools across your entire SDLC – from version control systems, CI/CD, DevSecOps, and documentation tools. We’re always adding new integrations to our list, contact us for more information.
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Automate Workshop Deck

Automate: Pre-Merge Workflow Automation for Dev Efficiency

Learn how to implement new Continuous Merge technology to create compound efficiency gains through:
Best practices with policy-as-code
Programmable workflows that create org-wide merge standards
Shifting CI/CD workflow automation left using a Continuous Merge mindset
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