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Standardize best practices across all teams with programmable workflows that help your team establish policy-as-code.  Adopting workflow automation will help your team: 
Alleviate developer toil and context switching
Enforce merge standards across all repositories
Actively improve code quality and developer efficiency

Your PR Review Process is Clogging your Delivery Pipeline

Platform engineers are tasked with streamlining the SDLC. But most engineering organizations do not have the mechanisms in place to help them create enforceable merge standards for their teams. Merge policy inconsistency leads to:
Varying levels of code quality that lead to more bugs
Longer cycle times and decreased efficiency
Increased cognitive load for developers
Poor collaboration across teams

Workflow Automation is the Secret to Scaling Developer Efficiency

Engineering teams love LinearB because it helps them actively improve dev teams with two workflow automation tools:
gitStream is a workflow automation tool that sends PRs down unique paths based on policy-as-code.
WorkerB is a chatbot that automates many of the pre-merge manual tasks developers hate.

Why Platform Engineers ♥ Workflow Automation

Security Changes
Best Practices
Context Setting
Get visibility into when sensitive changes are made and assign reviewers from the security team without creating noise.  Ensure the highest quality review for high-risk code with these gitStream rules:
Code Experts: Identify and assign reviewers based on knowledge
2 Reviewers: Require 2 reviewers for major changes
High-Risk Tags: Let the security team take the reins on sensitive code
Missing Tags: Flag PRs without tests

“LinearB workflow automation gives us confidence in where we’re headed, how efficient the team is operating, and if we’re responding to issues and errors.”

Chris Bee

Chris Bee




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