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Gain Visibility

As your team grows, it becomes more and more difficult to understand what’s happening. Visibility into key performance metrics allows you to understand where to focus your attention to make a positive impact with your teams. 

Control Your Iteration

Your team leaders are under pressure to deliver every iteration. Empower them to control their iterations with data-driven delivery metrics and automated retrospective reports. Compare iterations to drive continuous improvement.

Deliver with Predictability

Missing delivery deadlines is a common problem that most engineering leaders encounter. Gain back delivery predictability with a data-driven operational framework that helps you track your delivery pipeline, optimize your investment profile, and increase quality.

What you Get with your Free Trial

See. Track. Improve.

Software Delivery Pipeline

Measure your pipeline from code to production. Track key delivery pipeline metrics, such as:

  • Cycle Time
  • Lead Time
  • Deployment Frequency
  • Time to Merge

Investment Profile

LinearB is the first platform to combine git and project insights to provide unprecedented visibility, even if your record tracking isn’t pristine. Compare time spent on:

  • New Value/Stories
  • Non-Functional Tasks
  • Bugs


See what holds your team back. Remove the friction caused by:

  • Code Churn
  • Code Rework
  • Unreviewed PRs
  • Bugs Found in Production

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