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Start with Pulse view

We correlate and analyze Git data and Jira stories to show you real-time progress on your features and bugs. Your team will stay in sync, your stand-up will become more efficient, your stakeholders will be up to date and your devs will have fewer interruptions and more time to code. 

Improve your Cycle Time

Cycle Time is the time it takes to get value to customers once you start work. We pull this data directly from the most reliable source – your git platform.

We break your Cycle Time in to phases to make it easy to find and fix bottlenecks. It’s a great indicator of your team efficiency now and over time.

Manage your iteration

Iteration Schedule gives you the big picture on your current iteration every morning. Check it before your stand-up or staff meeting to sanity check what you’re hearing from your team.  

Balance your WIP

Drill in to your work in progress (WIP) with our Branch Summary.

It’s great for seeing who is doing what and how far along they are.

Action Filters

Predefined Action Filters predict potential issues with code quality and delivery time and alert you in Slack so you can get your people the help they need. 

Cut your risk

The Risky Branch Action Filter shows you branches with a large # of code changes combined with a high ratio of refactor or rework.

This can predict quality issues so you’ll want to give it extra attention.

Lightning PRs

Lightning PRs are branches merged with no review.

Use this Action Filter to see if your team is rushing and to get them the help they need.

High Interaction

High Interaction branches have PRs with a lot of comments.

This Action Filter can signal your developer needs more info from product or needs help from the team.

Investment Profile

Investment Profile: Time shows a breakdown of your work in each iteration by time spent.

Investment Profile: Items shows you a breakdown of your work in each iteration by # of items completed.

When combined, these Configurable Reports reveal the truth about your iteration and help you plan more accurately in future iterations.

Personal Improvement

The Personal Dev Bot helps everyone on your team use data throughout their day to work smarter

Understand where they can improve over time

Have more meaningful 1:1s with leadership

Arrive to stand-ups more prepared

Highlight progression in their role

Deliver Team Success

Our Flexible Team Building lets you have one developer assigned to many groups

This enables you to view data across  squads, guilds and highly customized team structures

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