Proactively help your
remote dev team

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LinearB looks for dozens of scenarios where remote devs need help
then alerts your team in real-time
right in Slack

Scroll through our self guided demo

Scroll through our self guided demo

High Risk Branches

The Risky Branch Alert shows you branches with a large # of code changes combined with a high ratio of refactor or rework.

This can predict quality issues so you’ll want to give it extra attention.

Lightning PRs

Lightning PRs are branches merged with no review.

Use this Action Filter to see if your team is rushing and to get them the help they need.

High Interaction

High Interaction branches have PRs with a lot of comments.

This Alert can signal your developer needs more info from product or needs help from a manager.

Configure Slack alerts

Our Notifier App connects LinearB to your Slack account and enables limited permissions.  

Team Channels

Once each team determines which Slack Channels should receive LinearB alerts, you’re all set to go. 

You can configure how many alerts you want per day so you don’t get too many or too few. 

Slack Alerts

When LinearB Slack Alerts hit your channel, they have all of the info about the relevant Action Filter your team needs to jump in and help.

Direct links to your git system, LinearB and help articles make it easy to take action. 

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