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Software Delivery Management for Engineering Leaders

Visibility & Automation Across Your Engineering Org

Streamline your operations to increase predictability, reduce costs and improve the quality of every release.
Engineering Leaders Trust LinearB to Improve Their Team's ROI
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Engineering Data Can Solve Some Big Problems

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Engineering leaders can't prove the impact of their teams

Siloed tools, teams, and processes make it impossible for engineering leaders to translate projects and team operations into quantifiable business outcomes.
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Inefficient workflows and processes limit the ability of teams to improve productivity and efficiency

Thousands of hours are wasted every year on manual tasks like code reviews when your devs could be spending time fixing bugs and shipping new features.
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Forecasting roadmap delivery is mostly guesswork

Businesses rely on developers to deliver solutions that drive revenue and customer satisfaction. Still, engineering leaders can’t accurately measure cost, identify risk early, or communicate with their teams and colleagues.

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We are the experts on calculating the impact of visibility and automation on the SDLC. Dive into the research to understand how improving developer efficiency and optimizing resource allocation will impact your team.
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The Solution for Software Delivery Management

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Engineering Metrics

Every engineering metrics program begins with visibility across your tools. You’ll use these metrics to identify workflow bottlenecks, set data-driven team goals, and create improvement strategies for your organization. Your metrics are aggregated from project management to post-delivery incident response, using standard integrations or API for a detailed and customizable view of DevOps workflows. 
Explore Impact Metrics
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Resource Allocation

Align to business goals and visualize cost and effort with the resource allocation dashboard. This dashboard automatically configures your projects based on PM data, making visible the full-time employee effort (cost), and delivery status (business impact) into a single view. This out-of-the-box view also has a flexible, self-service configuration so teams can adapt their unique workflows.
Explore Resource Allocation
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Business Goals & Reporting

Improving engineering efficiency begins with the ability to set and manage teams goals. The team goals dashboard provides a custom view into how each team is performing against their sprint goals. When teams set goals for pull request size, merges without review, review time and more, they receive notifications in their chat tool when a rule is breached - driving best practice behaviors everyday.
Explore Business Goals & Reporting
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Programmable Workflows

Metrics alone don’t improve dev teams. gitStream and WorkerB are automation tools that drive autonomous improvement without manager involvement. These tools combine policy as code, automation, and context-rich notifications to streamline the pull request process and create a continuous merge workflow.
Explore Programmable Workflows
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Predictable Project Delivery

Accurately forecast and track delivery progress for your projects using the project delivery tracker. This dashboard is a customizable view of all relevant project delivery information at both the team and project levels. People effort, planned and unplanned work, delivery accuracy and project risk data is all combined into a single view to help you answer the most common question: Will we ship on time?
Explore Predictable Project Delivery

The LinearB Anti-FAQ

Every engineering organization is different, so we might not be the right solution for you today. We get that. Here is a list of our top anti-faqs to help you decide if LinearB can solve the problems your teams are facing today.

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