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Automation Cycle
Software Delivery Management for Engineering Leaders

Align your teams & resources to deliver better business results

Streamline your operations to increase predictability, reduce costs and improve the quality of every release.
R&D Leaders trust LinearB to improve the ROI of their investments

Average 120 day improvement with LinearB

120 Day Improvement
Leaders around the world trust LinearB to improve ROI of their engineering investments
”LinearB makes you feel more confident. It lets me know that our foundation is good and that we’re improving everyday.“
Ángel Blanco f.
G2 Review
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Balancing the needs of your engineering teams and your CEO has never been harder

 Modern engineering teams must move faster, deliver better software and increase their impact - with fewer resources and higher stakes than ever.
Lack of Visibility

Teams lack the visibility to fully understand the impact of their engineering investments

Siloed tools, teams, and processes make it impossible for engineering leaders to translate projects and team operations into quantifiable business outcomes.
Inefficient Workflows

Inefficient workflows and processes limit the ability of teams to improve productivity and efficiency

Thousands of hours are wasted every year on manual tasks like code reviews when your devs could be spending time fixing bugs and shipping new features.
Forecasting Roadmap

Forecasting roadmap delivery and aligning resources to hit business goals is mostly guesswork

Businesses rely on developers to deliver solutions that drive revenue and customer satisfaction. Still, engineering leaders can’t accurately measure cost, identify risk early, or communicate with their teams and colleagues.
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How LinearB Works


How will you do more with less using the status quo?

Checkout our top three most common objections to LinearB:
Objection #1
I already get data from my JIRA, Git, etc. Why would I need another thing to look at?
Git tools are code-first and designed for developers. Project Management tools are plan-first and designed for PMs. LinearB is for the engineering leader...
LinearB for Engineering Leaders
Objection #2
I already have Software Delivery Management capabilities within my CI/CD toolchain. Isn’t this redundant?
CI/CD tools can’t identify bottlenecks in the first 50% of your delivery pipeline. With LinearB, you extend your team’s ability to program workflows...
LinearB for Platform Engineers
Objection #3
Our development process is unique, and no tool can accurately represent it. Why would my team use this?
Our dev team has the same problem with our project management tool. As flexible as many project tools can be, they are not developer-first...
LinearB for Executive Management
Still not sure?
Check out our anti-FAQs and see if LinearB is right for you.
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Explore the details of software delivery excellence, PR workflows, and how to persuade the boardroom as an engineering leader.
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