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We exist to enable engineering teams to improve their software delivery performance by focusing on the right metrics.

Leadership Team

What does engineering operational excellence looks like? Ori Keren and Dan Lines, co-founders of LinearB, struggled to come up with an objective answer to this question during their time together on the executive team at Cloudlock, a cybersecurity company acquired by Cisco in 2016. Despite the overall success of Cloudlock, the VPs of R&D and Engineering struggled with rapid people and product growth and often found themselves making decisions based on intuition. They’ve decided to take this painful experience, combined with the methods they used to overcome these challenges and bake them into a single solution, LinearB, so that you do not have to make some of the mistakes they did. You can focus on making your own mistakes…

Investors, Board, & Advisors

LinearB is backed by a strong team of investors, board members, and advisors with vast experience. Their support creates the opportunity to build something amazing. We are honored to be working with each one of them and are proud to have a great group of people on our side.

Additional Investors

Dr. Ofir Shalvi

Former Co-founder, Anobit

Prof. Ehud Weinstein

Chairman, ParallelM

Shai Morag


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