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Empower dev teams to continuously improve performance and accelerate delivery with Software Delivery Intelligence 

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What does engineering operational excellence looks like? Ori Keren and Dan Lines, co-founders of LinearB, struggled to come up with an objective answer to this question during their time together on the executive team at Cloudlock, a cybersecurity company acquired by Cisco in 2016. Despite the overall success of Cloudlock, the VPs of R&D and Engineering struggled with rapid people and product growth and often found themselves making decisions based on intuition. They believe with the right data, software development teams can speak a common language with business leaders, team leads can remove delivery bottlenecks and ship faster and devs can help their teammates more and be happier at work.   

Board Members

Ori Keren

CEO and Co-founder

Dan Lines

COO and Co-founder

Dharmesh Thakker

General Partner, Battery Ventures

Ariel Maislos

Seed Investor

Gil Goren

Partner, 83North

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