We're more than just a Software company

Ok. We’re a software company but we have awesome people and we do cool stuff 😁

A quick story
about LinearB

We get asked about our company name quite a bit. Our founder, Ori Keren, likes history and read about the LinearA and LinearB languages originating from the Minoans and Mycenaeans over 3,000 years ago.

After archaeologists deciphered the thousands of tablets with LinearB writing, they discovered a rich, advanced society with significant creativity and elements of gender equality – things that speak to the founders of LinearB. Ori and his co-founder Dan also loved the idea of helping engineering teams translate the value of what they do better to business leaders. So the name stuck! 

Before that we came very close to naming the company after Dan’s dog, Nigel.  Slow Animals, a song by The Strokes, was also considered 🐶🦄🦙🦈🐷

We need you. Come grow with us!

You should work here. We promise you’ll have fun and learn a lot. 

Why you should work with us

In addition to working with really fun people who care about each other, we’ll compensate you with money and health insurance. Not that you care about that kind of thing 😉

Classic best in class benefits

  • Competitive Pay

  • Unlimited Time Off

  • Health Insurance

  • Parental Leave

Additional Unique LinearB perks

  • Bring Your Dog To Work (Israel)

  • Team Building Offsites (Global)

  • Quarterly Meetups (US)

  • Home Office Stipend (Global)

Like the sound of it all?

Checkout the areas we need help right now. 

Cool People👇

Noam and Sumi are real people that work here. Check out why they love LinearB.

“I joined LinearB because it was a great opportunity at a company that is still growing. It’s a place where I have a real impact on how both the product and company culture is built.

As for the company itself, I love the attention to detail people have here and how everyone is always willing to help, even if it’s not their area of expertise. Our teams are spread out across the globe, so we come from various backgrounds and expertise. You have a lot to learn both culturally and technically in every area of the company. We have a unique culture in that way.”

Noam Hofshi

Software Team Lead

“I first joined LinearB because I made a great connection with everyone in the team that I met, particularly our co-founder Dan. I could see how LinearB is striving to be a thought leader in the software industry, so obviously I wanted a front row seat on that journey as well. Despite these ambitious goals at LinearB, we have excellent work life balance. 

At LinearB, you can make a suggestion, ask for help, be creative, think out of the box and you’ll always be heard. Bottom line, it’s a unique opportunity to make a big impact. But it’s really the camaraderie that I enjoy with my teammates as well as the broader company that makes me love working at LinearB.”

Sumitra Narayanan

Associate Director, Customer Success

LinearB’s Furry Sidekicks

Join the team and we’ll make your favorite sidekick internet famous…ish.

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