Charts of allocation over time

Improvement Engine (LinearB) vs. Static Metrics (PluralSight)

For busy developers focused on building new features, dashboards and e-learning courses become shelfware fast. Leaders who want to increase efficiency and drive business results choose LinearB for its:
DORA metrics: LinearB starts there, but goes much deeper into leading indicators
Resource Allocation: Quantify engineering impact and alignment to business priorities
Workflow Automation: Reduce cycle time by an average 44% in the first 120 days
Engineering Benchmarks: Understand metrics better by seeing how you stack up to the industry
R&D Leaders trust LinearB to improve the ROI of their investments
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Why Choose LinearB Over PluralSight
Business Alignment Reporting
Total Metrics Flexibility
In-App Benchmarks
One Click Automation Workflows
Goal Setting and Automated Alerting
In-App Recommendations
Ability to Use ANY Tool

Top 5 Reasons People Choose LinearB Over PluralSight


Our Improvement Formula:

Benchmark > Automate > Improve with LinearB

Automation Drives Improvement, Not Dashboards & E-Learning

Having engineering metrics won’t holistically improve your engineering team–at least not by themselves. What makes the difference is programmable workflows that streamline the PR process, remove tedious manual work for developers, and reduce toil. That and ensuring you’re doing what makes sense for the health of the business. PluralSight doesn’t provide these capabilities. LinearB does.
Foundational metrics like DORA for free (yeah…free!)
Industry standard benchmarking for goal and OKR setting
Data and KPIs used for predictable project forecasting
Delivery pipeline automation that reduces cycle time by 44%
Charts of Allocation by Issue Type and Time

We correlate data across your tools to identify bottlenecks and automate developer workflow optimization.

“The Project Delivery Tracker is an engineering manager’s dream come true!



VP of Engineering



Move past dev-only pipeline metrics

Get a holistic picture of engineering health & automate improvement with LinearB
Learn how LinearB metrics can help you improve work breakdown and reduce cycle time, change failure rate, and mean time to restore.
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Explore the details of software delivery excellence, PR workflows, and how to persuade the boardroom as an engineering leader.
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