When you get the chance to geek out over the metrics behind happy dev teams, you take it.

As one of the companies shaping how the modern workforce, well… works, Atlassian is one of the foremost thought leaders in the space thanks to an amazing research and data team.

Case in point: Atlassian’s State of Teams Report.

In this week’s episode, modern work evangelist Mark Cruth takes us through the most interesting, insightful and counterintuitive findings from their deep dive on what is separating healthy teams from unhealthy ones.

From whether hybrid or in-office is the best for modern teams to what work principles are the most important to keep in a remote world, this conversation about the State of Teams report is an eye-opener for anyone whose success depends on the work of others.

Episode Highlights Include:

  • (4:38) What is the State of Teams Report?
  • (7:55) Why where you work doesn't affect team health
  • (10:48) Areas where teams struggle most
  • (16:24) Biggest takeaways for leaders from the report
  • (23:39) Building a human-centric team climate
  • (36:00) Sneak peek at Mark's Interact presentation
  • (44:11) How (and why) teams should celebrate achievements more often
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