Test-driven development has gone from buzzword to development dogma. Listen as Katerina Trajchevska CEO at Adeva explains when and where the use of TDD makes sense, tips for ignoring trolls on Twitter and how to craft the perfect MVP. 

This episode of Dev Interrupted is a YouTube Exclusive. This is the first YouTube Exclusive in our content catalog - but expect to see many more! 

We’re excited to launch YouTube Exclusives as a way to better connect with our growing audience. Behind the scenes we’ve been working hard to create even more high-quality content and interviews with the smartest engineers, leaders and entrepreneurs in tech. 

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Episode Highlights Include:

  • (0:46) Katerina's start in engineering
  • (4:35) Minimum viable product - don't let perfect be the enemy of good
  • (14:39) Common mistakes crafting MVP's
  • (18:59) Budget restrictions and feature building
  • (29:35) TDDs and Twitter
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