Before Kellet Atkinson was the Director of Product at DZone, he was flexing his entrepreneurial muscles by building custom-made guitar pedals for his friends.

He joins the Dev Interrupted podcast to talk about the joy of building communities, why it's so important to create communities that encourage people to share their experience and how DZone grew to a site that has 10 million page views a month.

Kellet also discusses DZone's recent Low-Code and CI/CD reports as well as partnering with Dev Interrupted on the forthcoming INTERACT conference on September 30th.

Episode Highlights Include:

  • Growing DZone into a community with 10 million page views a month
  • How to begin writing and what to expect
  • Why writing what you know is the best place to start
  • DZone's Low-Code Development Report and CI/CD Trend Report
  • Micro feedback loops
  • Partnering with Dev Interrupted on the forthcoming INTERACT conference for engineering leaders on September 30th

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