Fact: There are guidebooks for everything in programming except for actually leading, managing and inspiring programmers.

That’s why I was so happy to have my friend Zach Goldberg on the podcast.

Someone who has made learning and self-improvement a core pillar of his professional and personal life, Zach Goldberg is someone who I turn to when I need to know who smart CTOs are turning to.

In this great conversation, Zach talks about the most important things he’s learned in separating signal from noise in the realm of engineering leadership. He also provides some amazing guidance on who you should be listening to (when you’re not listening to us). Enjoy.

Episode Highlights Include:

  • (2:20) There are few truths in software engineering
  • (11:45) How Audible changed Zach's life
  • (17:22) The teachings of Martin Fowler
  • (21:09) Applying ship/show/ask to your team
  • (32:05) Transformation: shipping once a month to daily
  • (47:11) Imperative engineers be fluent in architecture