Bad habits have a way of resurfacing during difficult times. Unfortunately for engineering teams everywhere, this is one of those times.

In this topical episode of Dev Interrupted, LinearB co-founders Dan Lines & Ori Keren discuss the current macroeconomic climate, its effect on engineering teams, and why individual metrics are - and should remain - a relic of days gone by.

Our heart goes out to anyone who has been affected by the layoffs across the tech industry. Please reach out to the Dev Interrupted community if there is any way we can help. 

Episode Highlights Include:

  • (2:58) What's happening in economy & to eng orgs?
  • (9:09) Is this different than the dot-com bubble or 2008?
  • (13:56) Twitter's layoffs
  • (17:44) Individual metrics break your culture
  • (25:19) Are companies going backwards?
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