The last thing anyone who does great work should be doing is having to take time out from doing great work to promote it to their higher-ups. Unfortunately, until the person you report to achieves omnipotence, you’re going to have to make sure their perception of your work lines up with the quality.

In fact, when we asked our community what issue they would want professional coaching on, it was this: How to improve the impression of your work.

With the help of the great Lena Reinhard, engineering & executive coach, we’re giving a practical solution to this problem.

Designed as a real-time workshop where you should be thinking about the questions and answering them yourself, this was a game-changing conversation for us and hopefully a game-changing way for your work to get the respect it deserves.

Episode Highlights Include:

  • (6:51) How others perceive your work
  • (15:59) Subtle ways perception is created
  • (19:12) Perceptions within our control
  • (26:48) Live workshop starts
  • (37:18) Coaching lesson takeaways
  • (50:05) Why visibility matters in a distributed org