Not all dev orgs work in all situations. Especially if your dev org is looking to completely reshape and disrupt an entire industry.

That’s why we were so excited to talk to Chris Bee, CTO of Lessen.

Lessen is looking to change the way property owners hire vetted professionals for renovation, maintenance and turn services. That means so much of what their programmers are building hasn’t been built before.

Chris opened up about how the company trains and empowers developers to design and build things customers didn’t know they wanted. He also goes in depth about how to bring those new ideas to market when it can seem like the ground is shifting every minute.

Episode Highlights Include:

  • (1:35) Growing opportunity to solve less obvious problems
  • (6:32) Engineering ride-alongs
  • (13:53) Choosing a market to disrupt
  • (23:13) Chris' Discover/Design/Develop/Deploy model
  • (29:27) Phased approach to building products and features
  • (36:35) Having engineers talk to customers & vendors