The days of growth at all costs are over; your 2023 engineering strategy needs to be about scaling efficiently.

In the first Labs episode of the year, Dan invites LinearB's VP of Product, Eran Shitrit, to discuss how teams are proactively addressing concerns around cost reduction and efficiency through smarter project allocation.

Dan and Eran also discuss the rollout of LinearB's resource allocation dashboard and the success of the Scaling Developer Efficiency workshop.

Episode Highlights:

  • (1:36) Introduction
  • (5:18) What is project allocation?
  • (9:46) Why companies should be thinking about project allocation
  • (13:46) The metrics used to measure resource allocation
  • (17:44) Good vs bad project allocation
  • (22:24) Dan's hard lessons
  • (26:52) Building the resource allocation features
  • (30:23) Workflow relationship between VPE, VP Product & CEO
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