It's no secret this has been a difficult year for many companies in tech. The truth is, it's easy to be a leader when times are good. It's less easy in the midst of a storm.

That's why we assembled a panel of some of the smartest engineering leaders we know at Interact to talk about the leadership principles that help guide an engineering organization no matter what is happening in the world.

Today's episode of Dev Interrupted features Michael Stahnke, VP of Platform at CircleCI; Lewis Tuff, VP of Engineering at; and Carolyn Vo, Partner & Head of Engineering at Oliver Wyman. 

Episode Highlights Include:

  • (2:16) The current economic climate
  • (8:50) Engineers complaining about too many meetings
  • (14:36) Maintaining morale
  • (22:43) Building a culture that's actually fun
  • (27:40) The importance of experimentation
  • (34:36) Owning your own message
  • (41:44) Seeking out mentors
  • (44:13) Acquiring new top talent
  • (51:00) Is now a time to be more or less aggressive when hiring?