Today, we are releasing the full interview of one of our favorite episodes: Dan’s 2021 conversation with engineers-turned-authors, Hyrum Wright & Titus Winters.

As two of the most senior staff engineers at Google, both guests brought a deep understanding of software engineering to the show: Hyrum is semi-famous as the "Hyrum" of Hyrum's Law; while Titus is responsible for managing 250 million lines of code.

In their brilliant book Software Engineering at Google: Lessons Learned from Programming Over Time, Hyrum & Titus explore the engineering practices that make one of the largest codebases in the world sustainable and healthy.

Episode Highlights Include:

  • (1:37) Google's strategic goal with its codebase
  • (5:09) How the 'Flamingo book' came to be
  • (8:01) The role of time in relation to software
  • (10:35) Hyrum's Law
  • (15:23) What is the real goal of software engineering?
  • (17:47) Problems of scale at Google
  • (23:24) Consumption of sublinear resources
  • (28:18) When shifting left is a bad thing
  • (30:25) Science of trade-offs
  • (37:00) Constraints are your friend, not your enemy
  • (42:46) Hire good people first, good programmers second
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