Google is a titan of technology with one of the largest codebases in the world. Managing and scaling this amount of code is a monumental task. And while Google doesn't profess to have all the answers, you can probably learn a thing or two from their journey.

In the first episode of a two-part series, Senior Google Staff Engineers Hyrum Wright and Titus Winters join the Dev Interrupted podcast to discuss lessons learned from programming at Google and to talk about their new book.

Both guests bring a deep understanding of software engineering to the show: Hyrum is semi-famous as the "Hyrum" of Hyrum's Law; while Titus is responsible for managing 250 million lines of code and over 12,000 developers.

Their book, Software Engineering at Google: Lessons Learned from Programming Over Time, is available for free online.

Episode Highlights include:

  • What is Hyrum's Law and how did it come to exist?
  • The role of time in relation to software engineering
  • The "real" goal of software engineering
  • How Google thinks about scale
  • Why every line of code is a liability

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