This week we have another episode from the 2021 engineering leadership conference INTERACT. In this live conversation, Conor Bronsdon, Community Lead at LinearB and the executive producer of the Dev Interrupted podcast,  interviews Henrik Gütle, GM of Azure for Microsoft Canada.

Henrik joins the podcast to break down the results and key takeaways of Microsoft’s research into the impact of remote work on developer velocity - and what engineering leaders can learn from it.

The exhaustive study taken over the course of more than a year, both before the pandemic and while it was ongoing, surveyed hundreds of companies regarding a host of topics including: agile practices, cloud adoption, toolsets and talent acquisition. The results of this survey are far-reaching and serve to provide companies with an understanding of transformative business practices.

If you want to read the Microsoft's Developer Velocity Report for yourself, you can find it on their website:

Episode Highlights Include:

  • The business impact of developer velocity
  • Whether or not remote teams saw a drop in productivity
  • The importance of tooling and toolsets
  • Why every leader needs to think about talent acquisition daily
  • How to interpret this study if you are starting a business

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