Founder, professional poker player, podcaster and author, Jeff Meyerson, "broke his brain" to bring you the inside-story of Facebook.

Interviewing more than two dozen Facebook engineers, Jeff spent two and a half years writing his new book Move Fast: How Facebook Builds Software. Written from Facebook's own view of their software strategy and tactics, Move Fast explores the product strategy, cultural principles, and technologies that made Facebook the dominant social networking company.

Jeff joined Dev Interrupted to give us insight into his book and the secrets behind Facebook's success, the founding story of the Software Daily podcast, the inside scoop on his new company SuperCompute, and how the skills and logic behind poker translate to software engineering.   

Episode Highlights Include:

  • The intersection of poker and software engineering
  • Founding story of the Software Daily podcast
  • How to think about winning a market
  • First steps to take when founding a company
  • Product, culture and engineering - How do they relate?
  • Is the Facebook the Goldman Sach's of software?
  • Why Facebook's secret sauce is it's onboarding process, not marketing

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