If you think your org doesn’t have any incidents, it’s time to change your definition of an incident.

This week we’re joined by Nora Jones, Jeli's founder & CEO, to simplify incident analysis and explain why so many incidents go underreported. Before beginning her journey as a founder, Nora helped pioneer chaos engineering at companies like Netflix and Slack where she developed a passion for understanding the intersection of software and people.

A stellar engineer, manager & founder, we caught up with Nora on the heels of her keynote address at the LeadDev conference in New York.

Episode Highlights:

  • (1:29) How to lead based on incidents
  • (6:50) Learning from incidents
  • (14:50) Chaos engineering at Netflix
  • (21:34) Why orgs should call more things incidents
  • (30:54) Founding Jeli
  • (37:01) Nora's advice to eng leaders

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