Live from Interact, we're bringing you an interview with our favorite CTO, Charity Majors.

Never one to be shy about speaking her mind, Charity is an outspoken advocate for devs everywhere - and this passion made her a fan favorite at Interact.

Listen as Charity discusses her career, why the hierarchy is bullshit (disclaimer: she likes to swear - we like that about her), and why platform engineering is the most exciting place to sit in computing today.

Episode Highlights Include:

  • (3:05) Charity's career journey
  • (9:25) Why the hierarchy is bullshit
  • (13:37) The future of ops is platform engineering
  • (20:08) How to build an amazing platform engineering team
  • (24:51) Movement around developer experience (DX)
  • (35:03) 15 minutes or bust
  • (41:57) Routing pull requests with gitStream