We're still in January and AI might already be the buzzword of 2023 - and for good reason. AI powered startups have been layoff resistant and machine learning engineers are one of the fastest growing jobs, not in tech, but in the entire economy.

This week, we sit down with Pinecone Founder and CEO, Edo Liberty.  An AI and machine learning expert, Edo graduated from Yale with a PhD in Applied Mathematics and worked as Head of Amazon’s AI Labs before founding Pinecone.

Listen as he explains why the biggest AI and machine learning companies in the world - Google, Amazon, Meta and TikTok - use vector search to power their products.

Episode Highlights:

  • (2:26) Edo's start in AI
  • (8:08) What is vector data?
  • (11:48) Face detection for cows
  • (16:27) Engineering applications of vector search
  • (22:58) What's so hard about vector search?
  • (25:29) Where is the industry stuck today?
  • (28:11) Open source projects
  • (31:57) What's the future of vector search?
  • (35:11) Pinecone's recently announced 'hybrid search'
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