Scalable improvement with WorkerB Change Automation Engine

Adaptive developer bot for Slack and Microsoft Teams

Up to 80% of software
project time is idle time

Dev teams using WorkerB cut idle time and
project cycle time by 50%

Unblock your teams & automate KPI success

Let’s see WorkerB in action

“I love getting notified my review was requested via Slack. F&#% yes!!”

THE PANDA, LinearB User
VP of Engineering, GigSmart
What’s next?

Cut the noise

  • Configure alerts to your preferences
  • Deliver to your personal slack channel
  • Snooze buttons on every command

See how one CTO used WorkerB to decrease Cycle Time by 44%

What else?

You take command

  • Always know where your code is in the pipeline
  • Cut down idle time between tasks
  • Start your day with the right information

The impact of WorkerB Automation

“WorkerB helps engineers focus on the right things. Software development is a process. You’ve got to balance coding with reviewing, and WorkerB reminds my devs to go review some code.”

Jon SowlerVP of Engineering at Unbabel
Unbabel metrics improvement after implementing WorkerB automation

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