Lead confidently with team-based engineering metrics

Identify workflow bottlenecks, set team goals and create a culture of continuous improvement with Pipeline Observability.

“It’s always been difficult to understand where work is stuck across Jira and GitLab. LinearB shows us the big picture and democratizes the facts so it’s actually actionable.”

Jon SowlerVP of Engineering at Unbabel
Jon SowlerVP of Engineering at Unbabel

Accelerate with LinearB

DORA metrics are an industry standard we believe every engineering organization should be able to utilize.

Data across your tools is correlatedto visualize your development pipeline

See how our customer Nimble uses LinearB every day!

Observability Features

One Click Context

Explore workflow bottlenecks with a single click on any of your delivery metrics

Identify workflow bottlenecks in seconds by clicking on any of your Cycle Time metrics to discover which branch is behind the spike. Diving into your data has never been this easy!

Team Goals

Set team goals, create custom notifications and track improvement over time

Creating a culture of continuous improvement begins with setting achievable goals for your teams. Track progress by sprint, week or month so you can celebrate team improvement regularly. Cake anyone?

Deploy Metrics API

Breakdown your deployment phases by connecting your CI/CD tools to LinearB

Use LinearB’s Deploy Metrics API to visualize each phase of your deployment process. From testing to pre-prod, our API will create a custom metrics dashboard showing where your code is getting stuck.

Custom Dashboards

Our robust metrics suite is both
pre-organized and fully customizable

Creating your own private or public custom dashboard can be done in seconds. Whether you’re leading a single team or an entire organization, we provide exportable dashboards for every level.

Team Health

Too much WIP, context switching & working on weekends are all leading indicators of team burnout.

Support your team before a problem occurs with LinearB’s automated health notifications.

team health

Learn how these tools apply in real life

Read our Cycle Time use case blog for a comprehensive review on how teams utilize this amazing metric.

Project Tracker

From planning accuracy to delivery reports, Project Delivery Tracker visualizes the engineering organizations most important initiatives.

Align to the business. Ship features faster. Scale your teams. Make an impact.

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