Calculate Your Team's Cycle Time in Minutes

Start measuring your engineering efficiency with Cycle Time today. Use LinearB to identify delivery pipeline bottlenecks in your Cycle Time phases and set team goals for your next sprint. Then automate improvement to your dev workflow with our WorkerB bot.

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Benchmark your Cycle Time & identify areas that need focus

Benchmark your Cycle Time–and all 4 phases–against industry standards. Improve one (or ideally all of them) and watch your efficiency, predictability, and value delivery improve.

Reduce Cycle Time by setting team goals

Review Time need focus? With Team Goals, you get to decide how your team wants to work and where they want to improve every sprint.

Automate Cycle Time Reduction with WorkerB

WorkerB is a developer workflow optimization bot that saves developers time by automating manual tasks.


We integrate with every level of your organization, from project to deployment.

The impact of data-driven engineering with LinearB

“LinearB helps scaling companies mature their engineering process. They make things predictable, but also best in class.”
Jon SowlerVP of Engineering at Unbabel
Unbabel metrics improvement after implementing WorkerB automation