Build Your Engineering Metrics Program in Minutes

Engineering health is a key function of the business. But the C-suite and your leadership peers don’t speak in terms of story points, lines of code, or active days. They want data that tells them:
  • If your teams are working efficiently
  • If what’s being worked on aligns to business goals
  • If engineering will deliver predictably (so they can plan their activities)
LinearB correlates data from your Git, project, release, and incident management tools to provide you with a consolidated engineering KPI dashboard that includes the information you need to make your next check-in with leadership more productive and impactful.

But engineering performance metrics are just the beginning. Once you’ve got a baseline, use LinearB to set improvement goals and WorkerB automation to enable your dev teams to reach them.
The C-suite and your leadership peers care about engineering performance and business impact—not story points, lines of code, or active days.

LinearB correlates data from your Git, project, release, and incident management tools to provide you with a consolidated engineering kpi dashboard, so you get the metrics that everyone understands: efficiency, business alignment, and engineering predictability.
Business Alignment Metrics
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Use Software Engineering Analytics to Pinpoint Bottlenecks

Did you know the average PR size is more than 400 lines of code changes? Did you also know that PRs with less than 200 lines of code changes are picked up and reviewed in an average of 15 minutes? Large PRs affect everything from cycle time to review depth and ultimately feature (and value) delivery and planning accuracy.

Elite software development organizations use data to back up anecdotal evidence. With visibility into team-based engineering KPIs, like pickup time or deployment frequency, everyone in your organization can align on how to effectively improve.
cycletime breakdown
LinearB Project Delivery Tracker

Align Teams to Business Priorities with the Right Engineering Metrics

Answer “When will feature X be ready?” with confidence…and more importantly, correctly.

Engineering leaders need to know where their devs’ time is being invested and when features are going to ship. Engineering analytics—like project allocation, investment profile, and added work—provide the necessary context to promote healthy discussion around how to balance competing priorities and finite resources.

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Automate Improvement of KPIs for Engineering Teams

An average of 31% of WIP branches are not linked to Jira issues. That means you are 31% blind when making decisions and reporting on the health of your teams.

WorkerB automation helps address this major problem and improves engineering KPIs, like PR pickup and review time. WorkerB meets teams where they are (in Slack and MS Teams) and helps them:
  • Prioritize their day
  • Automate annoying tasks (like creating and updating Jira tickets)
  • Immediately review and approve PRs with less than 5 lines of code changes
WorkerB for Long Review & One-Click Ticket Notifications

Build Your Own Custom Engineering Metrics Dashboard

Engineering performance metrics that don't meet your basic needs just aren't very useful. And it can take you hours, if not days, to create executive reports that showcase what engineering is doing.

We help you make the big picture easy to see. Out-of-the-box, LinearB gives you the engineering metrics that matter most in a way that is easy to understand at a glance—for you and your stakeholders across the business.

Measurable business impact after 120 days