Engineering Metrics Scorecard

Translating engineering to executives is no easy task. When interacting with other executives, the best engineering leaders bring data to their weekly management meetings. That’s why we’re sharing the same scorecard our VP of Engineering uses every week to help you translate engineering to executives.

1. Weekly Metrics

These are metrics we show every single week. Keeping them the same helps reinforce key messages we are trying to teach the business about how engineering works. Cycle Time is about efficiency, pickup time is about teamwork, deployment frequency is about risk and rework is about quality.

2. Investment Profile

We also show investment profile every week because the business is always interested in knowing what we’re working on and what is holding us back from investing more in new features. Our dev leaders like showing Investment Profile because it helps us justify investments in non-functional projects.

3. Team Metrics

We use section 3 to highlight different metrics that are relevant in any given week. Sometimes they stay the same for a few weeks in a row. Sometimes they change. For example, our PR review time went way up in March after work-from-home started so we monitored it here for a few weeks until it came back down.

4. Major Efforts

The business will always really care about certain projects so we proactively share the most important ones in section 4. Highlighting top priorities helps align business priorities to developer work. 

5. System Costs

The cost of doing business is always worth noting. In this section we like to highlight our server costs over time, as well as show more specific costs that are custom to every business and product.

Where can you find these metrics?

With a LinearB free-forever account you’ll have all of your scorecard metrics in minutes. 

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